Floating Pump Station

Floating Pump Stations

The Industrial Standard for Pump Stations


Snap Dock’s Floating Pump Station is a versatile solution for water management. Accommodating submersible and vertical turbine pumps of all sizes, this station prioritizes operator safety with optional handrails and a non-slip surface. Customizable center gap dimensions, solid one-piece construction, and 20 stainless connection points ensure durability and adaptability. Proudly made in the USA and available in Gray or Orange, it boasts precise specifications, including dimensions of 10′ x 10′ x 15″, offering 5,832lbs of buoyancy per platform at full submersion, with a weight of 516 lbs (without handrails). Perfect for municipal, industrial, agricultural, flood control, and environmental applications, elevate your fluid control capabilities with Snap Dock’s trusted technology.