PWC Lifts

The Snap Port Advantage

#1 Floating Two-Piece PWC Lifts on The Market.


A two-piece PWC floating lift design offers a universal solution for all PWC owners who want to easily and safely store their personal watercraft. The modular design allows for easy installation, adjustment, and customization, making it suitable for various watercraft sizes and weight capacities.

Easy To Install

The two-piece design of the lift makes it easy to install and remove, as it does not require any heavy machinery or permanent fixtures. This can save watercraft owners time and money on installation costs.

Protect from Damage

The lift keeps personal watercraft out of the water, protecting them from the harmful effects of algae, corrosion, and other forms of environmental damage. This can extend the life of the watercraft and save owners money on repairs and maintenance.


The lift provides a stable platform with an integrated bow stop for personal watercraft, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries that can occur when launching or retrieving watercraft from the water. This can give PWC owners peace of mind and make their boating experience safer and more enjoyable.

The Snap Port's two-piece design allows PWC operators of all ages a more accessible entry and exit experience.

Two-Piece Design

The built-in bow stop allows PWC operators a contact point when parking their watercraft for increased safety.

Built-in Bow Stop

When it comes to reinforced walking surfaces for plastic floating dock systems, our product stands out above the competition. Our modular dock system has 20% more surface support than our competitors.

Installation Options

Rollers can be adjusted based on varying PWC hull geometry to guide the water craft on entry and exit.

Adjustable Rollers

1,750 lb. operating capacity allows the Snap Port to accommodate the largest three-seater PWCs.

Universal PWC Port

The Snap Port features an attractive non-slip surface that channels water and helps conceal dirt.

Attractive Non-slip Surface

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