Floating Docks That Are Built to Last

Snap Dock products were originally designed for industrial applications before their adaptation for recreational use, and it’s no wonder we have a multitude of satisfied industrial customers. Crafted through rotational molding with durable linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), our products exhibit remarkable resilience in both acidic and basic environments, remaining unaffected by waterborne chemicals. Industrial clients benefit from Snap Dock’s hassle-free, turnkey solutions, which effortlessly cater to their needs, including floating walkways, work platforms of various sizes, and floating pump stations. With Snap Dock, industries receive robust, reliable, and versatile solutions to optimize their operations, making it a trusted choice for industrial applications.

Non Slip Surface

The slip-resistant surface of the Snap Dock modular docks is a crucial safety feature that provides significant benefits to operators and employees in industrial applications. This feature reduces the risk of injuries from slipping or falling, providing added confidence and comfort to operators and employees. The slip-resistant surface also helps to increase the overall efficiency of operations, allowing workers to move around the platform quickly and safely while preventing the movement of cargo and equipment during loading and unloading. Overall, the slip-resistant surface is an essential safety feature that enhances the safety, confidence, and efficiency of operations for operators and employees on the Snap Dock LLDPE floating dock system.

Safety Features

The Snap Dock floating dock system offers a range of optional safety product offerings that can be added to enhance the safety of operators, employees, and cargo during loading and unloading operations. These include yellow handrails and yellow gates that provide visual cues for safe entry and exit points, bumpers to protect against damage to both the platform and the vessel, and LED Pocket filler lighting that enhances visibility during low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents. The robust construction of the platform offers increased stability and durability, while the modular design allows for easy customization and expansion. The unique coupler design enables businesses to connect and expand the platform as their needs evolve over time, providing a scalable and adaptable solution for their operations.

Customizable Design

The Snap Dock LLDPE floating dock system boasts a customizable design that makes it a versatile solution for a range of industrial applications. Its modular design allows for easy installation and customization, and it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. The platform is equipped with a unique coupler design that allows for easy connection and expansion, enabling businesses to expand the walkways as their needs evolve over time. This feature provides businesses with the flexibility to modify the platform to accommodate changing requirements, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require a scalable and adaptable solution for their operations.


Snap Dock’s Floating Walkways offer versatility to meet your specific needs. These walkways are available in convenient 10-foot sections, with width options of 40, 60, or 80 inches. For wider configurations, simply double up on floats. The handrails, made from powder-coated steel, can be easily bolted onto the sides of the floating walkway, ensuring safety and stability. Engineered rubber couplers provide the flexibility needed to withstand wave action and changing water conditions. Additionally, Snap Dock’s walkways can be used in bodies of water that freeze in the winter, provided that certain requirements are met, making them adaptable to various environmental conditions.

Floating Work Platforms

Snap Dock’s Floating Work Platforms offer complete customization to cater to a wide range of sizes, applications, and environments. These versatile platforms are frequently employed in demanding work scenarios such as dredging operations, tailings ponds, and bridge restoration. They provide the mobility and stability necessary for efficient operations on the water, ensuring that your team can carry out their work effectively and safely. With Snap Dock, you have the flexibility to tailor your work platform precisely to your needs, enhancing productivity and meeting the unique demands of your specific work environment.

Floating Pump Stations

Snap Dock’s floating dock sections offer versatile adaptability, making them an ideal choice for creating a floating pump station with integrated handrails, ensuring safe and convenient pump operation and maintenance. Our pump stations are designed to accommodate a wide range of pumps, including submersible and vertical turbine models, among others. Moreover, we provide additional options for high-horsepower pumps, ensuring that our solution meets the specific requirements of your pumping needs. With Snap Dock, you can rely on a flexible and efficient platform that not only simplifies pump station operation but also enhances safety, making it an excellent choice for various applications.